Our story

We had a dream to create our own brand where passion and experience drove us to design meaningful and smart clothing in an ethical way. 

After many years in the industry and seeing its impact, we wanted to be the decisions makers and not have to compromise on our values.

Built around the foundation of GREEN THINKING and inspiring your adventurous side!

The Team
Our founders

Andrea, the design and creative part, from Italy but global wanderer for the larger part of his life, calling Hong Kong home brings style and function to the creation of the products and brand with a strong background designing collections for various international brands.

Tara, all things more practical, grew up in Hong Kong with British roots. Has seen and managed all parts of the behind the scenes of the supply chain and is passionate about building something better, a more collaborative and balanced way of doing things.


‘a self-finished edge to keep it from unravelling’ to us SELVAAGE embodies a self-formed border for preservation and from which you bounce back. As individuals, the environment and as a collective Community we are inherently resilient, strong and have the extraordinary power to rebuild.

Selvaage is that spirit of positivity, adventure and courage to try something new, go after your dream, travel to that remote place!


Balance is a large part of our ethos at Selvaage. While our commitment is to always try to do the right thing in all aspects of the business, the truth is that the sustainability journey for fashion has a long way to go.

Doing things as best we can from the get go and being transparent and honest about the things that still need work. In the partners and people we choose to work with, the fabrics we carefully select, and all other aspects of our supply chain.

Designed for comfort and functionality our styles aim to be versatile and long lasting. Beautiful fabrics, thoughtful fit, hidden performance and functionality.

We want to educate and pass on our experience so people can make informed purchases not from just us but also other great brands paving the way, and disrupting the supply chain to make for a new normal.

Part of our vision is to build a community of people from all different walks of life that share our drive to contribute to leaving this world a better place, while enjoying all the adventures life throws.


We don’t pretend to change the world but rather aspire to be part of a positive future, doing things our way, being creative, never taking ourselves or fashion too seriously and mainly HAVING FUN!


When margin is not your number one driver, it allows the freedom to take a more ethical approach that places quality over quantity. Responsible materials and versatility for longevity in every detail to encourage conscious consumption.


We commit to always placing doing the right thing as top priority but as with anything there is no magic solution, it is an ongoing process of improvement. But we want to be open & honest about those parts that still need work.


Building a community from us, to our partners through the supply chain and you guys. People from all walks of life but who share our same values and passion, going on this journey together is an essential part of making the changes needed!